Caravan or Motorhome?

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 A caravan or motorhome?

Whether you decide to choose a caravan or motorhome is a personal preference. In my opinion neither is right or wrong, but here’s a few things to think

Our tips if your thinking about purchasing a caravan

  • You need a suitable car to be able to tow it comfortably. Either a 4×4 or something like an estate or hatchback car that has a sufficient towing capacity.
  • Once you’ve arrived on site and have unhooked your caravan, you’ve got the independence of a vehicle  to explore the beautiful sites.
  • If you are staying at one place for a fair amount of time, you can get your homely knicknacks “bits” out to display.
  • Any noise from inside the caravan during transportation from kitchen utensils is not heard from inside the tow car.
  • The initial outlay for a caravan is a lot less than a motorhome.

And here are a few tips if your thinking about purchasing a motorhome…

  • Once you’ve arrived at your destination, all that is required is levelling it up and connecting to electric ( if required).
  • A motorhome can be easier to maneover than a caravan.
  • You don’t need the outlay of an expensive tow car, which you then have to use for everyday use.
  • Motorhomes aren’t cheap to purchase.
  • If you want to travel around Europe, motorhomes are a lot more recognised than caravans and could even give you more choice of where you could stay.
  • You may want to think about taking a bike, scooter or even a very small car as well for independence.
  • If you use you’re motorhome on a daily bases, everything has to be put away.

Talk to owners of both caravans and motorhomes

My advice is to talk to owners of both caravans and motorhomes to find why it works for them and any previous experiences they have to share. Usually caravaners are very socialable people, who are more then happy to help and give advice.

What do you want out of your caravan or motorhome?

Think long and hard, what do you want out of your caravan/motorhome? How often would you realistically use it? What layout would work best for you and your family. This may determine how much your willing to spend on your purchase.

Where will you store it?

Lastly where will you store it?  Is there room at home on your drive…. but do you want your neighbours and strangers to know when your on holiday or should you look for secure storage at ……. St Mellion Storage!



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