Choosing the right Caravan Insurance.

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Put caravan insurance on you’re to do list!

When you purchase a caravan, you may find there’s some extra costs involved that you hadn’t budgeted on. Please do not hesitate and avoid putting off insuring your caravan. Whether you store it at a purpose built compound or on your drive, to being on a campsite or in transit to your destination. Its always a piece of mind that its insured.

Practical things you can do to apply for extra discounts.

Look out for the added discounts that they also apply :

Does your caravan or motorhome have a tracker fitted?

Trackers can be quite expensive, especially as most of them are subscription based. I’ve been told that some of the newer trackers pay for itself within the first 2-3 years because of the discount and also piece of mind if something awful did happen.

Use a hitch lock and wheel lock?

Most caravan insurers will require a minimum of one or the other. Ideally use them both together this may allow you to have extra discount.

Have an alarm fitted?

If its not fitted already, its worth enquiring to see how much an approved alarm system would cost to get fitted.


Caravanning is a very enjoyable hobby that can easily be shared going away with friends or family, making lots of special memories. Storing your caravan or motorhome at St Mellion Storage, open 7 days a week makes your experience even more hassle free to organise. For more information please call Tim or Helen on 01579 350486.



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