Winter Care for your Caravan

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Essential winter checks to carry out.

If you’ve been out for the last time this season and your next trip isn’t until Spring, there are lots of checks and procedures you can do to ensure that everything stays in perfect working order for when you go out again next season.

The most common problems happen when water systems aren’t drained out probably and the pipes expand in the cold weather due to frost. Also having good ventilation and leaving salt blocks help control damp and moisture in the caravan.

Whilst insurance covers many types of accidental damage and loss it is very unlikely that the insurer will accept responsibility due to weather related instances.

A few recommended jobs when winter arrives!

Clean inside and out.

Give the caravan a good clean, you may think it is a waste of time if you’re not going to use it for a few months it will make life a lot easier in the long run. Removing any signs of green or black mould, as if they are left to grow over winter it may create conditions where the aluminum or plastic surface is permanently marked. DO NOT USE  A PRESSURE WASHER to clean your caravan as water can spray directly into seals and under trims.

Give the interior a good clean and hoover, removing all foods from the cupboards and having a general sort is a good idea as it is very easy to bring unnecessary items away with you – causing extra weight in the caravan.

Stand all cushions upright away from the caravan walls, ideally remove them completely and store at home in the warm. But if not, standing them up will allow air circulation and prevents mildew occurring.

Leave the fridge door open, again to allow air flow.


If your caravan doesn’t have a tracker or need a constant source of power supply its best to take the battery home with you so you can charge it up every 6 weeks to help it hold its charge. If this isn’t possible it’s a good idea to regularly find a way to charge it on site or have a spare battery on the go.

It sounds a lot to do but if you look after your caravan your caravan will look after you.

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